St. Pete – Exciting new restaurants popping up downtown!

Today we’re introducing several new restaurants that have recently opened their doors.


Have a case of lovin’ BBQ? Dr. BBQ is offering “new American barbeque” to the Tampa Bay area, the full-service restaurant sizzles with global flavors. Dr. BBQ created these exclusive new recipes by drawing on inspiration from his travels and the local tastes of St. Pete.

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The Peabody

At The Peabody, the familiar aroma of coffee, the promise of a delicious meal, and the anticipation of friendly buzz will offer a reprieve from the daily chaos. It is where the community as a whole comes to refill their cup, both proverbially and, often, quite literally.

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Pacific Counter

Pacific Counter is a ridiculously fresh fusion of chef-inspired cuisines and cultures, serving up a mainland mix of coastal classics in the form of Poke Bowls & Sushi Burritos.

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Trophy Fish

This GOOD-SIZED fish lodge is located in the “inland marina” of the St. Pete Grand Central District. Providing their guests with the freshest fish while enjoying a cold Florida cocktail or beverage. Casual atmosphere and eclectic design allows their guests to enjoy good friends, great food, and make memories.

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The Getaway in Maximo Marina

Come by land or by sea to The Getaway’s newest location in South St. Pete. The menu & vibe is inspired by The Florida Keys & our Coastal communities – featuring tiki bars, waterfront dining, and fresh, local seafood.

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Sushi Sho Rexley

St. Pete’s very first omakese-style restaurant, where your meal is carefully chosen and prepared by the chef himself, right then and there. You’ll enjoy multiple courses of fresh sushi and sashimi, with the option to pair each round with the best wine or sake. This unique dining experience is left trusted in the chef’s capable & talented hands.

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Oak & Stone

Great for football season. Oak & Stone has a wall of 50 self-serve taps featuring mostly local and regional craft beers, televisions spanning all the walls and a menu of wood-fired pizzas including gluten and vegetarian friendly options. A sports bar at its finest!

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