Tips For Traveling In The Car With Kids



Tips For Traveling In The Car With Kids
Make A Check List

As soon as you have booked your trip, make a list of things you need to make sure you remember.

Don’t Forget Their “Lovey” – meaning their significant sleeping thing whether that be a stuffed animal, blanket, etc.

Pack “Activity Bags” For Each Child

These could include coloring books, crayons, markers (depending on the age of your child), books, trucks, etc. Let your kids help you pack these so they are excited about what’s inside too.

Harness The Power of Alexa

Running around and packing creates a series of thoughts around “Oh yea, I need to make sure I remember to pack…x, y, z.”  So, the antidote is within the power of Alexa.  Simply tell Alexa while you’re packing what you need to remember.  Walking up the stairs?  “Hey Alexa, remind me in 10 minutes to pack my Air Pods.”  Alexa dings while you’re walking out to the car… “Alexa, remind me again in 10 minutes.”  Alexa says, “OK, I’ll remind you again in 10 minutes.”  Done.

Charge All Electronics The Night Before

This may include your own AirPods, head phones, iPads, Kindles, etc.  P.S. Don’t forget to pack the chargers themselves!

Download any movies, books, games to devices the day before. This ensures you download your content over your own Wi-Fi and aren’t charged extra fees for downloading on the go.  Then, when you hit the road, you, and your kids, are ready!

Pack a Snack Bag

It’s a proven fact that as soon as you hit the road one child, or all of them, will instantly become hungry.  Make sure you pack a snack bag full of “on the go” snacks that can be passed around the car easily and safely.


Make a Mobile Trash Bag

Place a trash bag container (or at least a trash bag) inside the main portion of the car for all trash to go into. Many times, while the kids are buckled, the trash can go into one of two cupholders, and then the trash can be moved to the trash bag for easy removal when pumping gas or stopping to take a rest.

Pack a Training Potty If You Need One

If you have young children, you may need to use this a time or two.

Wipes are Multipurpose!

Baby wipes are good for sticky fingers, getting quick stains out, and more.  Always make sure you have an extra set on hand.

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