Shelling In St. Pete Beach

The great thing about shelling is that it is a year-round activity!  It’s a great activity if it’s overcast or sunny, winter or summer and anywhere in between!  A couple of great places to check out for your shelling adventures include Shell Key and Edgemont Key, both are available to get to by private boat or by shuttle from Hubbard’s Marina in Madeira Beach.
Unique shell types you may find include sand dollars, conch, whelk, scallop, tulip and others!  A complete guide can be found at: http://www.pinellascounty.org/park/pdf/beach-shells.pdf

Shell Key is completely undisturbed and there is nothing man-made on the island, giving you a complete beach sanctuary.

Edgemont Key has a few different things to keep you busy, besides finding some fantastic ocean treasure! For one, gopher tortoises reside here, loads of them, and they are fun to watch and observe from a distance.  Also, there is a historic lighthouse with a working light, which has stood since 1858!  Patrons are not admitted to enter inside, but it’s a great historical landmark to see and take photographs of!  In addition, Edgemont still holds remnants of Fort Dade, which was active until 1923, where you can roam the brick pathways and stroll through yester-year
After you’re done collecting your shells, there’s many creative things you can do to display them!

  1. Display them in the shape of a circle, heart, oval, etc. with the name of where you found them in the middle.  Then you can hang it somewhere to remind you of the fun day you had!
  2. Use them as part of a 3-D art piece. Start with a drawing, and then use the shells in place of a part of your art. For example, use shells where there should be unicorns or sand dollars in the place of the sun.  Kids love to get involved in projects like this!
  3. Mod podge the shells onto a frame to give to a loved one with a photo of yourself, your vacation, your loved ones, etc.
  4. Store them in a clear vase
  5. String them together to form a windchime or piece of jewelry
  6. Use the inside of larger, more open shells like scallops, as a ring holder. You can even paint the inside as its own piece of art.
  7. Glue them onto a wreath for your front door
  8. Make a Holiday ornament to hang on your tree
  9. Superglue to a piece of cork for a fancy wine stopper
  10. Mix with clay in circle forms to make little jewels to place throughout your garden.

What’s your favorite shell to find!  Tell us in the comments https://www.resortrentals.us!

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