Top Eight Must Have’s for Beach Vacation Packing


Santa’s not the only one who should be making a list. Getting ready for your Florida beach vacation requires you to pack for just about every situation and weather possibilities. We know you have flip flops and beach bags, but here’s a list of the most likely must haves you left at home.

Beach Towels:Yes, we know you packed one for each person, but you need more. While you may be a minimalist packer, you can never have too many beach towels. Inevitably, the towels get left outside and rained on, forgotten on the bottom of the beach bag and are now covered in exploded juice boxes or melted fruit snacks, or left in the washer overnight and not ready for your early morning boat trip. Plan on at least two beach towels per person, ensuring there are enough to go around. Remember: beach cover ups, sarongs, and blankets can work overtime as towels as well.
Baby powder, diaper cream and eye care: Even if you’re not traveling with an infant or toddler, these diaper bag staples can be the heroes of your beach vacation. Use the baby powder to easily wipe of dry sand from feet. And the diaper cream helps soothe rashes and chaffing from wet bathing suits, abrasions from water activities like body surfing. If you wear corrective contact lens, make sure you have an extra pair. You don’t want to miss the amazing sunset because you scratched or lost a lens in the water. Eye drops can also help soothe itchy eyes after a day in the salt water or chlorinated pool.
Sunscreen and Aloe: It might seem like a no brainer, but you can never have too much sunscreen. Sensitive skin sticks for cheeks and faces, spray for shoulders and bellies, and active water proof cream for all those skim and boogie boarders. Sunscreen can be a bit more expensive in beach town, so stick up before you leave. And, despite your vigilance, someone will end up with a sun burn, so some bring some aloe or other after sun care can eliminate some of the tears and frustrations of not having anything to soothe burnt skin.

Extra chargers: If you’re on a multi-generational or multi family trip, chargers are going to get lost, stepped on, and left outside. Avoid teenage meltdowns by making sure you have extra phone and tablet adapters. Bonus points if you have extra headphones.

Sweaters and sweatshirts: Days at the beach are hot and humid, but restaurants, bars, and stores are set on “frigid” during the high season. Be sure to have light weight cardigan or hoodie for everyone so your comfortable when dining out. The only thing frozen should be the margaritas.
Now that you’re one step ahead in the packing game, go ahead and open that must read beach novel that you hopefully remembered to throw into your bag before you left.

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