5 Tips On How To Stay Sane While Traveling With Kids By Yourself


Make Your Grocery Order Before You Leave for Pickup When You Arrive

Apps that make online grocery ordering a breeze are a lifesaver.  This way, you don’t have to pack your groceries before you leave, and they will be ready for pickup when you arrive!

Pack Laundry Detergent or Packets

One of the best things about staying in your own condo is that there is a washer and dryer within your unit or within your complex for you to do laundry so that you don’t get stuck with a mountain of it to do when you get back home.  The laundry packs are lifesaver to throw into to wash and call it a day.

Wake Up Before the Kids

Take a few minutes to have time to yourself for your own R & R.  This may include your favorite type of coffee or hot tea, a good book, prayer, meditation or watching the sunrise.  Whatever brings you joy, take a few minutes to do that for yourself.  You and your kids will be glad you did!

Pack a Wagon

If staying across the street from the beach, pack a collapsible beach wagon that does dual purpose of carrying your beach gear and acts as a safe spot for a baby/toddler nap if needed.

Remember the Small Moments

Yes, the kids may drive you crazy sometimes, but remember why you booked the vacation with the kids in the first place.  More than likely, it’s to create more moments together.  Grab all the hugs and kisses you can, because as the famous country song says from Darius Rucker, “It won’t be like this for long.”

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