Top 10 Planning Tips to Make your Next Family Beach Vacation the Best

Top 10 Planning Tips to Make your Next Family Beach Vacation the Best

Considerations for Planning that Summer Getaway

Planning that summer vacation? Wondering how to make that next trip a little more enjoyable and perhaps, a little less stressful? A little planning up front can make the entire experience more fun for everyone! With years of experience helping families enjoy St. Petersburg, FL and the St. Pete’s beach area, we have learned a thing or two about family vacations. Here is our top ten list of things to look for and consider when planning your next beach getaway.

1. Find a Family Oriented Environment

Beach resorts can be areas of high-activity. Finding an area that has the right balance of quiet and activity can be difficult. Talking with various resorts before you book provides the insight for making a good destination decision. (hint: Resort Rentals can help with this! Contact us with your questions!)

2. Plan to do Little Driving

Commuting and driving can be exhausting. Look for a beach or resort area that allows one to choose to drive a lot or a little while on vacation. It can be worth it to make a day trip to an interesting place, but it can also be valuable to just park the car for a several days.

3. Plan for Connection Time

Family over-scheduling is a common problem and one which often appears in vacation itineraries. Working too much into the timeline leaves little left over for really connecting with everyone you brought with you! Make sure to leave enough time in your days to just enjoy being together. One of the wonderful things about beach vacations is that relaxing on the soft sand is something that all ages can enjoy.

4. Look for Things to Do

All vacations are not spent resting! An area with plenty of things to do and see allows families to enjoy new experiences together. Finding an area with many things to do that is still in a restful environment can be a challenge! Again, it helps to talk with local experts before you book to find out more about the area and what other families do while on vacation there.

5. Plan for Things to Do When You Don’t Want to do Anything

A conundrum about family vacations is that kids need activity when parents need rest! A beach vacation is unique in that time spent seashell hunting, reading on the beach or just walking in the sand are things that the family can do together that is both restful as well as active. Occasionally, kids can occupy themselves constructing the world’s coolest sandcastle while mom and dad doze in the sun.

6. Add in Some Exploring Time

Venturing out to see new things is always an adventure. Making time to see the location, the sites, wildlife parks or even walk or bike around the area provides a chance to bring the family together and experience something new.

7. Look for Quiet!

This is often #1 on many people’s vacation list! A quiet environment where the noise of work, traffic and life don’t intrude on the environment helps families relax, unwind and recharge. If this is important to you, be sure to ask for a quiet place when booking.

8. Find Shopping Nearby

Shopping is important to some family members and not-so-much to others. Still, it is worth having unique shopping areas nearby to not only allow purchasing of forgotten items, but to help get the feeling for the area. Those that enjoy a good shopping excursion find browsing local shops to be a relaxing and interesting activity.

9. Find Good Dining

You might not be looking to do a lot of cooking and cleaning while on vacation! Finding an area with many dining options usually involves a destination in a larger or even a metro area. Many beach areas though, have unique restaurants that cater to different tastes. Checking out the dining situation before booking is always a good idea – especially when looking for kid-friendly options.

10. Always Find a Comfortable and Exciting Place to Stay

You won’t spend all your time in your room while on vacation, so finding an affordable and comfortable accommodation that your family enjoys is an absolute ‘must.’ How do you know which is right for your fam? Websites provide good accommodation information and attractive photos, but a conversation with the local resort can help you find just the right space. Time invested in talking with local experts is well worth it!

With many years of experience serving families on the Florida Gulf Coast, Resort Rentals can help you sort through important questions about how to make your next vacation relaxing and exciting for everyone. For your next Florida Gulf Coast Vacation, please visit our website or contact us at 1-800-293-3979.

Deep Sea Fishing in Tampa/St. Petersburg

Try a Fishing Adventure on your Next Vacation!

Ever wanted to try deep sea fishing? Why not schedule a trip on your next visit to St. Petersburg/Clearwater? Fishing is a great family activity and with so many options available, it is very easy to arrange a trip.

Deep sea fishing is a fun, casual activity that requires no previous experience. In fact, many charters provide all the fishing equipment necessary for a great day at sea. All you have to do is gather the family and show up at the dock!

Fun Fishing Charters

Many charters are available. Depending on the size of your group and the length of time you want to fish, we can help you find the right one. For those adventurous deep sea anglers, overnight fishing excursions are available. For most families though, just a couple hours on the water can bring in a good catch.

Experienced captains and crew know where to find the good fishing spots and can help even the most inexperienced fisher-person enjoy the experience. These crews have been plying our waters for many years and know what fish are biting and where to find them. Captain Rafael Rios and his crew at Spanish Sardine will make it a fun experience and everyone can count on a great catch!

Individual Trips or Group Charters

For larger groups, reunions and family gatherings, some area companies will provide a group charter. This is a great chance to share the experience as one big group. For most though, joining up with other deep sea fishermen is a great experience.

What Kind of Fish Do We Catch?

This is a great question and to some extent, it depends on the time of year. This is why it is always good to have a crew that knows where the good spots are and how to find fish that are biting. Fish typically caught in the area include Grouper, Snapper, Snook, Trout, Amber Jack as well as other types.

What Do We Need to Bring?

Charter companies provide different sets of gear so it is a good idea to check ahead. Most companies provide all necessary fishing gear and tackle. You usually need to provide a few things for yourself though, including:
• Camera – so you can post those pics of you and your family with the day’s haul!
• Sunscreen – it is Florida after all,
• Sunglasses – don’t forget these! it can get bright out on the water,
• Good hat for each person

Check with your charter to find out if you need to bring a cooler or ice chest for your catch and what drinks are provided. It can get warm out there and drinking plenty of fluids is important for everyone!

Deep sea fishing is a great family experience or is fun for just a few people. Don’t miss out on a fishing trip on your next visit.

Ready to Book Your Next Vacation?

Contact Resort Rentals today to arrange your next great beach vacation and for recommendations for things to do. We look forward to seeing you soon!