Resort Rentals Cares!

Resort Rentals cares!

We care not only for our customers but also for our environment and beaches!

As you all know, in 2010 The Gulf of Mexico experienced what is now considered to be the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.  Resort Rentals filed a claim with BP in 2012 and that claim was just recently settled.  We made a promise to give a good part of that to the one “person” who was affected the most, Mother Nature.

Tampa Bay Watch is a local, nonprofit organization that does amazing restoration work in the Tampa Bay area and they have a track record to prove it!  See for yourself at just how amazing and important this organization is to our area at .

Resort Rentals has already donated $35,000 to this organization and is committed to a total of $50,000 to this great cause.  With every new booking that we receive, $10 will be given to Tampa Bay Watch until our ultimate goal is reached.   Help us meet our goal amount and keep our destination area and beautiful beaches clean and healthy!

Watch this clip below from Tampa Bay watch talking about our donation:


Our donation story was also featured in a local publication, Paradise News, as they produced a cover story entitled “For the LOVE of Tampa Bay”.  The article was designated to Tampa Bay Watch and their story of “Restoring the Bay Every Day” and our contribution to the cause was only fitting for the article at hand.

Click for cover story: